Tuesday, July 5, 2016

The Netherlands-Iran Chamber of Commerce - Professional Services

1- Market Research for Iran NICCIMA enjoys a dedicated advisory bureau to deliver evidence-based market strategies in Iran. Our strategic recommendations developed based on real-time intelligence gained from the marketplace and tailored for each of our clients’ specific challenges toward success. We are committed to supporting our clients’ understanding of the market of Iran, to ensure decisions are made in a timely and well-informed manner. We work in partnership with our clients’ as a seamless extension of their business; adding immediate expert and local advisors as part of your manpower, making your success, our success. Our team is comprised of professional local and international consultants equipped with extensive project experience across various sectors and industries locally in Iran. We are well-trained to be adept and resourceful in gathering insights directly from customers, suppliers, and intermediaries in the marketplace of Iran. Our experts then analyze and develop these insights to create actionable and sustainable business strategies. All projects are executed in-house and our work method is straight-forward: we get the work done by ‘getting our hands dirty’ in the field, extracting relevant information from key stakeholders and experts in the marketplace of Iran. Our clients not only get the insights and analysis from our own experts – we also ensure insights are cross-checked and verified by our established networks in the industry-in-question on the ground. This approach ensures that we are interpreting and analyzing something more than data; we are providing strategic insights based on direct findings in real-time.
2- Consultancy for the market of Iran 
Are you looking to enter, grow or expand your business lines in Iran? NICCIMA provides the services to minimize your risk, and maximize your returns. We conduct market and competitive research, management consulting, partner/distributor search, acquisition hunting, and strategy development services required by multinational corporations to explore and succeed in the marketplace. We’ve got boots-on-the-ground insights and know-how, and our work is always tailored and unique to the realities of each client. We help our clients in sizing up and understanding the Iran market and the competitive landscape before expanding their businesses. Our approach is to base the strategies we recommend on meticulously gathered data and facts ensuring reliable findings, not hearsay. Equipped with the right insights, our teams will conduct market analysis, identify growth opportunities, and work alongside our clients to develop the most effective strategies and support their implementation.
3- KYC and Due Diligence 
We provided Know-Your-Customer and Due Diligence services on Iranian companies based on clients’ check list.
How We Help Our Clients 
MARKET INTELLIGENCE: We help our clients beat the competition and sustain growth based on reliable business strategies based on our Market Intelligence. Our Market Intelligence services include:
• Market sizing and segmentation 
• Industry analysis 
• Regulatory Reviews 
• Customer segmentation 
• Channel management 
• Value proposition definition 
Example: How large is the market-size for my product segments in IRAN? Is the market growing or shrinking? What is the market landscape, relevant trends, and who are the main players?
COMPETITIVE INTELLIGENCE: The Competitive intelligence services we offer enable our clients to predict their competitors’ next moves, anticipate changes in the marketplace, and discover potential customers to help the business grow. Our Competitive Intelligence services include:
• Competition analysis
• Best practices benchmarking
• Competitor blind spots
• Track existing and upcoming competition
Example: Who are the most competitive players in the IRAN Market providing a competing product, how are they distributing and selling their product/service, and how well is the product/service and brand regarded in the marketplace? What are competitors’ price-points and Unique Sales Points?
B2B CUSTOMER INTELLIGENCE: We help our clients to truly understand their target customers by profiling their customer’s needs, wants, usage-attitude-purchase decisions towards our client’s products and services, and reviewing customer budgets and purchasing habits. Our Customer Intelligence Services include:
• Customers demographics and behaviour 
• Key customer profiling 
• Decision making processes 
• Development and testing of new products 
Example: Which customer segment should my company be focused on for a particular product/service launch in IRAN? How do they make purchasing decisions, and how can we best launch our product?
MARKET ENTRY: Our teams of consultants’ help clients weigh the available options for entering or expanding in a specific market, reduce financial uncertainty by mapping competitors, customers, partners, channels, suppliers and other market dynamics. Our Market Entry services include:
• Market analysis & market entry strategy 
• Business-Model testing
• Product and pricing strategy 
• Site location analysis 
• Alliances/Joint Ventures/M&A/Licensing due diligence and project management 
• Suppliers, outsourcers, & distributors’ search 
Example: What is the market landscape; who are the players, what lessons can I learn from their entry? How can my company successfully enter this market, what are the steps and investment involved?

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